Self Storage Boxes & Packing Materials

Make sure your belongings are stored safely and securely. Purchase storage boxes and packing materials here.

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Tea Chest Carton

431 x 406 x 596 mm

A BIG box suitable for many household items such as clothes, linen, toys and appliances - the most popular moving and storage box.

$5.50 EACH

(10+ $4.50 each)

Book and Wine Carton

406 x 298 x 431 mm

A smaller box for heavier items such as books, magazines, crockery and wine.

$3.30 EACH

(10+ $2.60 each)

Crystal Carton

406 x 298 x 431 mm

A slightly smaller thicker wall box than the book and wine carton above for fragile items such as wine glasses, crystal, fine crockery.

$3.80 EACH

(10+ $3.00 each)


594 x 476 x 1099 mm

A carton to hang and store your valuable clothing. The cross bar accommodates hangers and handles make it easier to lift and move.

$16.50 EACH

Archive Box

Archive with Ease! No Tape Required

  • 390 x 306 x 260mm
  • One Piece Assembly
  • Built in Carry Handles
  • Hinged Lid
  • Designed for Reliable Stacking

$3.70 EACH

(10+ $3.20 each)

Plasma TV Carton

1400 x 300 x 750-1100 mm high

Designed to be upright & provide the ultimate protection. Telescopic Lid & Base to suit a variety of TV heights. Internal polystyrene packing fits snugly around TV edges to hold it in place. Tie down straps to secure box closed during transit.

$98.50 EACH

Packing Paper - 2.5kg

Packaging Paper (Butchers Paper) is a useful clean option for packing crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement inside. Being unprinted means your plates and glasses may not need washing after unpacking. Sheet size: 570mm x 400mm (approx)

$11.00 EACH

Tape - Brown

48mm x 75m - Brown Vibac tape

$3.90 EACH

Tape - Marked Fragile

48mm x 66m - FRAGILE Vibac tape

$9.90 EACH

Tape Dispenser

Makes light work of big taping jobs. Indispensible!

$17.00 EACH

10mm Bubble Wrap

Bubblewrap 10m x 500mm.

It's a versatile protective option for furniture, electrical goods and commercial products.

$10.00 EACH

Queen Mattress Cover

1 Bag Per Pack. Provides protection against dirt, dust and water during moving, storing or renovation. Slips easily over furniture.

$6.90 EACH

Vacuum Sealed Bag

120 x 80 cm

You can triple your storage space with the vacuum sealed bag. Pack all your clothes to keep them dry and safe. Easy to use.

$5.00 EACH

Packing Knife

Use to cut tape, boxes, etc.

$2.95 EACH

Marking Pen - Black

Great to label all your boxes. Bullet point pen tip. Permanent black colour ink.

$2.90 EACH

Striped Carry Bags

Great to label all your boxes. Bullet point pen tip. Permanent black colour ink.

$7.00 3 PACK


40mm wide solid brass padlock with chromed steel shackle

$13.00 EACH

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